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How To Do A Functional Pushup

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You are working hard doing your push-ups, aren’t you? 😉 But are you making things worse with the way you are doing them? You could be creating imbalance which can lead to injury down the road. It’s not so obvious as your shoulders immediately being in pain. It goes a bit deeper than that….

By training your shoulders into a compromised unbalanced position, it will cause stress in the whole body, especially the neck/back/shoulder complex. Everything’s connected – right? Shoulders and head pushed forward translate into the muscles in the back over-engaging all day long to stabilize your imbalance…

Translation: Your neck and back are in pain because they are chronically strained to support your imbalanced shoulders which you’ve worked so hard for with your 50 misaligned daily push-ups.. Sounds counter-productive, right? Watch the video to learn more.

How To Do A Functional Pushup
Image – (with permission) Align Therapy

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