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How To Get Super Defined Functional Abs (FREE Video Tutorial)

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How To Get Super Defined Functional Abs
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The abs, short for abdominal muscles, are among the most coveted aspects of a desirable physique. In a world with skyrocketing obesity, lean, toned, carved abs are seen as an essential part of “the look”. However, our desire for image does not always steer us in the right direction. There are good and bad ways to train.

Our culture now has a plethora of fancy ab machines and over priced gimmicks to get you “shredded” fast. However, these may not actually be exercising the body in the way it is meant to be worked and may even be harmful. Isolation exercises which develop the abs without developing the entire core can lead to an imbalance. Highly trained abs without equal training of the other muscles in the core can lead to impaired posture.

Have you ever noticed that you can often identify the type of exercise or discipline someone is involved in by their musculature? You can tell a swimmer from a cyclist, skater, gymnast, dancer or runner – in addition to being able to discern a noticeable physique-type of someone who works on gym machines all the time. At first glance the size of the “gym rat” muscles may look impressive, but it can also be an ungainly, somewhat unnatural look (depending on the quality of their regimen). There’s a reason for this – and a reason why the physique of the dancer is often considered more appealing overall.

The most important question is this; “Will crunching forward a million times make me better at life?” In general, we are already stuck in a flexed forward position and often times are making these patterns worse by doing the same old ab workouts.

The strength, stability and flexibility of the core is critical not only to numerous athletic activities, but to overall health. The muscles of the midsection not only support the limbs but also give support to the internal organs, ideally assisting them to be in their optimal position.

We need to look at our mid-section as a stabilizer for our arms and legs to gain leverage from. This goes far deeper than just the “abs”. We must find optimal alignment first and only then begin strengthening the system from stable positions which in turn creates the fit look we are all seeking. We need to be careful to not make matters worse during training.

Aaron Alexander has created an AWESOME seven part free video tutorial series for a complete training system for the abs. Watch the videos and follow this guide for well supported and toned abs (and back muscles) while developing a functional and pain free mid-section or core:

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  • By Barbara Hames, January 30, 2015 @ 3:19 pm

    Useful videos that are bite sized. Good job 🙂
    Do you also study Franklin Method?

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