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How To Save Your Spine When Lifting

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How To Save Your Spine When Lifting
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How many of us have ever been taught how to lift properly – making risk of injury obsolete? It is so incredibly crucial that we all understand this from a very young age and for some reason, it is not taught in school! Not only will it protect your back but it will make you a healthier person over-all. Don’t underestimate how seriously you can injure your back with bad lifting.

A few key factors to lifting functionally and therapeutically include:
1) Feet face forward, knees track on top or wide of your feet and knees never pass in front of your toes.
2) Engage your butt and reach it backward as you come down into a squat position.
3) Maintain a long neutral spine (remember – it’s not a hinge joint!) during the whole entire movement and you will be much safer during the lift.
4) The lifting should be done with the big, powerful muscles of the legs as the back muscles were never designed for it!

This video was specifically made to answer a question for a subscriber in Colorado with a back injury on how to lift without hurting herself worse. If you have any questions on functional movement or self-care, do ask and I will make a video for you or point you to one I have already made for your problem! Enjoy.

Note – this website is not medical advice. It’s advisable to consult with a physician before commencing a new exercise regime. Lift safely and know your limits.

Ok, here’s the video:


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